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Von Hahn: When Is The Hoodie?s ?best-before Date??

The answer lies in tailoring: Well-constructed clothes make a body any body look good. Tailored clothes might be more old-school, but the reason no self-respecting continental gentleman of style would ever be caught dead in something as soggy and undefined as a toddlers pyjama is that they know it wont help them cut a bella figura. Our youth-obsessed culture would have us believe otherwise, but there is a certain folly in pretending through our clothes that age doesnt matter. Being a grown-up comes with real, grown-up worries and, of jaket jepang course, joys too.

Where to Buy a Winter Coat; Google's Invite-Only Showroom; Best Hoodie Back in Stock; More!

Thursday, November 7, 2013, by Allie Pape Welcome to On the Racked, where Racked SF editor Kristen Philipkoski shares the top fashion and retail news of the week. Anna Alexia Basile via Mira Mira TREASURE ISLANDIt's confirmed: Google's "secret" barge will be a four-story retail showroom for Google Glass , and you need an invitation to visit. More fashion and retail news this way. >> CASTROThe tiniest jewelry store in SF, Fiat Lux, is going global: their spanking new web store launches tomorrow ! Racked is co-hosting a party to celebrate, click through for details. UNION SQUAREMakeup junkies rejoice: MAC Cosmetics is opening a new store on Powell.

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